Matt Condon

Comedy Projects

The Steak Network

The Steak Network is “Instagram for steaks” using the Proof of Steak protocol which can be used to incentivize and curate a decentralized registry. I raised $15k in donations to second-layer Ethereum projects.

Send Crypto People Tulips

Automatically text your crypto friends pictures of tulips when the bubble bursts. Relish in the fact that You Were Right™

We Know Art

An audio tour app for the MET where comedians grossly misinterpret art.


It's like Tinder, but perfectly suited to your millennial lifestyle. settl matches you with everyone in the app. Try to swipe left and it won't let you. If you don't immediately start chatting with them, it'll turn on a bot to chat for you. It'll then find an available time in your calendar and schedule your date because it knows you're too sad to not go.

How Many Rocks Are There And Where Are They

Take part in a massive multiplayer mobile experience designed to figure out how many rocks there are and where are they. It's Instagram for rocks, backed by real machine learning.


asdfghjkl is the future of computer input devices; it turns your keyboard into a trackpad. Yea, really.


Produce startlingly annoying full-screen words made out of partyparrot emojis in slack.

Professional Experience


I led the SEO-focused growth engineering efforts, helped migrate to and establish the new Kubernetes-backed infrastructure (0-downtime deploys, centralized logging, etc), built a teacher-facing analytics dashboard, and helped minimize tech debt and establish best practices.


At Google I worked on Swift quickstarts for developers, wrote software for a bullet time rig made of Nexus 6 phones, and introduced Apps Script to the wonderful world of modern web development.

HackNY Mentor

I mentored a group of 34 hackNY Fellows as they thrived in the NY tech scene. We spent the summer visiting startup offices, exploring the city, and hanging out.


At IFTTT I worked on the platform team, building the partner-facing interface, including some baller analytics and metrics. I also shipped Two Factor Auth and tons of minor fixes.

HackNY Fellow

At HackNY, I lived and worked in New York for a summer, hanging out with an amazing set of people and mentors. It was a fantastic experience, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


At Grooveshark, I managed and developed a user-friendly analytics dashboard. I also learned a lot about team programming and project management by taking over an existing project and working with experienced developers.

Sampled Projects

Merry Merkle

We raised $250,000 in donations to Covenant House, a Toronto-based charity for homeless youth. I served as project manager and lead engineer for architecting an Ethereum-backed donation leaderboard, complete with real light-up (Merkle) Xmas Tree. We went from idea to reality within 5 days.


Effortless, fire-and-forget, Amazon refunds when prices change. Kickback tracks everything you buy from Amazon and automagically gets your refunds when the price drops.


Fivestar gives the user the best Amazon product available, broken down by budget. It was featured on TechCrunch.


Raffie was a Venmo-based bot that conducted raffles. Participants could send @raffle a dollar and be entered into the raffle. When 20 people entered, one person would get $20! It was shut down in 3 hours, thanks Venmo.

Grooveshark Analytics Dashboard

At Grooveshark, I managed and developed a user-friendly analytics dashboard. I also learned a lot about team programming and project management by taking over an existing project and working with experienced developers.


Chrome extension that adds "cmd-/" as a shortcut to focus the main search box on arbitrary pages. Contribution

I added multi-currency support to Coinmap.


Askey is an iOS keyboard that turns doodles into ASCII-text drawings. It works most of the time. Give it a download if you want your friends to think you spent a lot of time drawing out some incredible ASCII art for them.


Bitter ("One Bit Twitter") is like Reddit for the physical world. Upvote and downvote arbitrary locations on planet earth. Won sponsor prizes at AngelHack Manhattan.


skiff is a DigitalOcean Python library for their v2 API. DigitalOcean sent me a t-shirt and card as thanks.


A delightfully bouncy button with 91+ stars on GitHub.

Jump - Leap Motion on iOS

Jump lets iOS developers integrate Leap Motion gestures into their app with a few lines of code. Users can use their Leap to control a supporting app or even their entire OS UI. Won second place at GeauxHack 2014!

Express on Rails, AKA #2TRAINZ

At hackNY Fall 2014, I attached an Intel Edison to a model train that navigated between rooms, collecting environmental sensor data. We then piped the data to a server to be displayed in real time on a web app. To be clear, the server is in Express and the train is on rails.


This Cydia tweak (a modification for jailbroken iOS devices) allows users to use Google Now's spectacular speech-to-text service with Siri's 1st party integration features.

Make it Rain Venmo

Make it Rain Venmo lets the user simulate "Making it Rain" when sending money to friends via Venmo. You, too, can be the baller you always wished you were!

stacks - iOS Tweak in the Spirit of OSX

stacks is a Cydia tweak that allows users to place stacks of apps on top of another one in the dock (shown via a quick swipe up), much like OS X.


This Cydia tweak (a modification for jailbroken iOS devices) allows users to quickly swipe between message threads in their messaging applications.

Home Automation Proof of Concept

I implemented a naive version of Jarvis from Iron Man. You communicate with him through computers, smartwatches, and phones over HTTP and the AI will intelligently route commands to wireless nodes, instructing them to flip switches or turn on motors. It has a party mode, obviously.

Mesh Network Over RF

For my Home Automation implementation, I built a mesh network over RF that used multiple nodes to pass messages between leaves and the root node. The node pictured switches 120VAC for a light bulb.

Autonomous, Maze-Solving Arduino Bot

Fully autonomous Arduino path-finding robot using Depth-First-Search. The build includes a dual H-bridge motor controller setup, along with a custom, recursive path-finding algorithm. The bot is able to solve any maze of infinite size, given infinite time, memory, and energy. So maybe not every maze. But a good many of them, for sure.

Billboard Top Hat

This is a top hat equipped with 150 individual RGB LEDs which react to music in the environment. Uses a Fourier Transform algorithm to identify bass frequencies and flashes accordingly. Uses custom display driver to display animations.